Friday, 30 July 2010

Shiny Disco Balls

What grates on my soul the most about living with RA is having to suffer for any pleasure you encounter. For example, going for a walk or attempting a bike ride with friends, "living it up" at a festival for the weekend or even a simple shopping trip. All enjoyable things yet for the few days/weeks after we may feel pain. This is not to say the pleasure isn't worth the pain. I would much rather spend a few days doing something I enjoy and suffer the consequences after than hold back on joining in just in case.
I am going to have a little dance with my fabulous friends this evening. It's a birthday party and will definately involve me "making some shapes" on the dance floor. To be honest I can't wait. It's so important to let your hair down following the stress of everyday life when living with RA. I can't tell you how I'm going to feel afterwards but "normal" people suffer hangovers right? Well the aftermath and suffering with sore joints is like my hangover.... without the banging head and feeling like you want to vomit.
So a short one, but I say to hell with the consequences, you only get one life and you might as well live it.

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  1. Hehe i concur! I feel the vibe of our convo the other day gleaming thru here! Have fun dancing! x x x