Sunday, 25 July 2010

to write or not to write... that is the question

Throughout my life I have often struggled to cope with certain goings on. We all have certain "rights of passage" that we must go through and I have had plenty along the way. Good and bad things in my life have always seemed to make more sense to me on paper though, oddly. I find that no matter what I have gone through, divorce (not mine obviously my parents!), trouble at school, death (again not my own obviously) I find it theraputic to clear my mind and write about it constructively. Over the years I have kept diaries, lists, even post its with random scribbles in order to think clearly and "let it all out".
I guess thats what this blog was about initially. Putting down in words my thoughts and feelings so I wasnt consumed by emotions when trying to battle this bloody stupid disease. But (in the words of Sarah Jessica Parker) that got me to thinking... What if I could actually write for a purpose other than this? What if I could write a story or something that people would actually read?
So lately I have been writing some monologue type pieces and short poems (sounds daft I know) and have found it very constructive and theraputic. I am a creative being at heart (hence my education and work background in fashion and advertising) and I find it incredibly frustrating currently not working so I need somewhere to channel all this creative crap!
It just so happens that a certain someone pushed me into sending a piece of my work for submission in a magazine. I laughed of course (I dont believe I am actually any good at this!) but as I have precious little to do these days whilst recovering I thought why not? Well it just so happens that the magazine are only gunna go and publish the damn thing! Shocking, I know. But I am strangely proud of what I can achieve when I put my mind to something. Guess I havent lost my work ethic just yet and a little push is never a bad thing. So ladies and gents, if you fancy checking out my piece it will be published in the October 2010 edition of Platinum Page

To finish off, I encourage you all to channel your pain into something constructive, even if it is a few scribbles on a post it. You may find it helps or discover a new talent...


  1. Love the posts even thinking of trying to write my thoughts down!
    Well done enjoy auz

  2. Thank you Fairy Dreams, I tell you its the best therapy money can't buy! I hope you are well Take Care of yourself x