Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Get Stuffed!

Have any of you ever pulled up in a disabled parking space, got out the car and been met by stares of amazement from passers by? I have this situation most days. The one "privilage" of having a disability is the opportunity to park nearer to where you need to get to so on the days you cant walk far or are struggling it makes life that little bit easier. I was accepted for a disabled badge last year and have found it extremely helpful, not just when im driving my super smashing automatic, but also when mum etc have to drop me at the hospital/doctors etc etc. Now, excuse the language, but I dont take the piss with my badge. If im having a good day I park in normal spaces and walk like everybody else. Only when my mobility is affected and/or fatigue/pain sets in do I opt for the saving grace of a disabled space.
However, i am often put off by using the spaces simply because of NOSY, IGNORANT people who think unless your in a wheelchair or missing limbs you are not disabled. I have been asked by car park attendants several times to show my badge and "explain" why I am parking in spaces reserved for disabled people. Well, Car Park Police, you can all do one! I simply respond, its none of your god damn business what disability I have, flash them the badge with my photo and remind them it is against the law to discriminate and intimidate vunerable people ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR MAIN JOB IS PUSHING TROLLEYS AROUND TESCO CAR PARK.
How bloody rude, and the awful thing is, its not just jumped up staff on a power trip. Its regular everyday people who happen to pass when you step out of the car and look capable of putting one foot in front of the other. Its quite embarrassing at first and you almost feel you are doing something wrong but I remind myself that I have a right to be there and if they dont like it they can get stuffed! Muttering "she doesnt look disabled!". Well ive got news for you ignorant people, disabilities come in all shapes and sizes and are not always visable. I hope you never have to deal with one.

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  1. Couldn't agree more- I have come across the tutting brigade, even worse here because I clearly have children brazonly on show! I'm afraid I do look "wonky" now but that doesn't seem to stop the pig ignorant especially the elderly. Once I took my nan with me into town and these old ladies didnt see Nan but were having a right old go- me clearly being young- probably on "the state" etc, and my Nan piped up "If you had rheumatoid arthritis you would expect to have a badge" She didnt leave it there either and had a right go! Bless her! She is for rent by the way.....! Loving reading a fellow brit's blog- do stop by mine.
    Jenni xx