Tuesday, 6 July 2010

sun, sand.... and minimal amounts of sangria

So ive just returned from my first two week holiday since i was diagnosed. I travelled to the fabulous island of majorca with the whole family in tow and plenty of luggage. As I was diagnosed with malnutrition before i left i had to carry about 60 bottles of nutrition drinks with me and obviously all my other meds on top. Fortunately I contacted the airline before I left and they were very helpfull in letting me take an extra case free of charge to put all that junk in (leaving plenty of room in my case for all my clothes and shoes!). I would advise this to anyone whos travelling with meds as its so much easier.
The flight was fine, no stiffness or pain and i was very excited by this. The last time I flew was when my symptoms first started to appear and I was in agony when I got off the plane. A long day of travelling was followed by a nice meal with the family and a cheeky glass of sangria (has to be done)and a nice long sleep. The whole two weeks I was completely pain free! What a Godsend. I couldnt actually believe it. I relaxed by the pool, went to the beach, shopped and went out for meals and drinks (alot!) and actually felt like a normal person again! They say the sun can help arthritis sufferers and it definately did me. I have returned feeling healthy and refreshed and very positive!
Good stuff eh?


  1. Aw that's awesome!! so happy you've had some relief. i was in gran canaria in april and i left the UK in a bit of a flare and within a day of being on holiday it was gone and I felt fab all week. I think it's a combo of relaxing, the sun and just a change of pace! I hope your good spell continues.

  2. thank you thats so sweet of you, thinking of permanantly taking a holiday now as i feel great! hope you get some more holiday relief soon! x