Monday, 29 November 2010

Thank You Letter

 Firstly, my apologies for not getting back to the many people who have sent emails and left comments on here. I am not being ignorant if I haven’t replied to you, I’m just not feeling the best at present. I am in migraine city, which I think is due to the Rituximab and in a constant state of dizziness and nausea (whoop party time!). But I wanted to use this post to say a huge thank you to those who have got in touch. I honestly love hearing your stories and I am very grateful you are following the blog. Your stories have touched my heart and even though it’s awful to hear you are going through pain and suffering like me, it emphasises the fact we are not alone.
 I have truly enjoyed telling my story and encouraging others to be open about their conditions, if anything I hope you feel a sense of release and relief. I never intended to become a spokesperson for arthritis; I simply wanted to see if there was anyone else out there like me who I could share my story with. But you have all made it possible for me to be confident about my condition and encouraged me to do more to help others.
 I finished my second Rituximab infusion on Friday, which went a lot quicker than the first but was still a full day on the ward. I am glad it is over with now, and have the scars to prove it with a giant blue and purple bruise on my hand from the canular. It will be a while before I feel any improvement I guess, like all things with RA it’s a waiting game. But as long as my suffering is slightly improved by Christmas I will be a happy girl. I don’t want to have to creep off to my room to rest on Christmas Day this year. Last year I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t bear to sit at the dinner table for long so you can imagine how miserable I was.
 So I write to you with great appreciation for your correspondence from my bed, whilst I try and recover from having litres of drugs pumped into me. I hope that you continue to stay in touch and give me updates on your stories. Once again, a million thank you’s.

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