Friday, 30 April 2010

longest day... ever

So yesterday was the day of my second Rituximab infusion. I can honestly say i've felt more than a bit horrendous since the last one 2 weeks ago. My symptoms have been a lot worse with swollen everything so the steroid infusion obviously didnt help!Boo. So had the pleasure of my 4 walls as company for a few days whilst i wallowed in bed but kept spirits high and thinking positive as I was told it could get worse before it gets better! The nausea was the worst as I was so hungry but couldnt quite figure out what I fancied to eat so ate nothing most of the time but had a craving for good old salt and vinegar crisps. I think the tiredness was what hit me most. After I had my first infusion I literally felt like I was on auto pilot for a week. All I wanted to do was sleep which was pants because that was the one thing I couldnt do with the pain being worse at night.
Other than that I didnt really experience many side effects which was good but kept hoping to wake up and miraculously be cured! So yesterday we set off at 6am to get the hospital i am being treated at for my 9am appointment. Just so happens that a lorry and a car decided to have a dance in the middle of the motorway before we reached our destination so we were at a standstill for 4 hours! Well thats just brilliant I thought. By the time we got to the hospital we were 3 and a half hours late and i dreaded them telling me my sister complaining she needed the loo for 6 hours in the car was all for nothing. But they whizzed me in and did my bloods to get the ball rolling. I then, due to the unfortunate events of the morning, felt a little whoozy and needed to lie down ASAP. I felt like I was going to black out so the lovely nurses ran off to find me a bed so I could slump.
The doc came round to see me in the meantime to check over everything and decided i needed to have both knees injected with steroids as there was a lot of fluid on them. Its not a nice thing as you can imagine having a very long needle being jammed into your knees so was not a happy bunny but im up for most things as long as it helps! A few hours passed and it turned out that my bloods were abnormal so the nurses tried to get hold of the doc for the treatment go ahead. They informed me this could jeaporadise me having the treatment today and I felt like crying. I had come all this way to be told I couldnt have it would have sent me into a rage i think! But the doc gave the go ahead and put the abnormal bloods down to the fact I had high disease activity.
The infusion went well and i had my usual hot flushes but felt ok apart from a bit sleepy (nothing new there!) and after all the fun and my mum and sister creating their own library with the amount of magazines the bought we were told we could all jolly on home. By the time we got back it was 10.30pm and we were all shattered but funnily enough I couldnt sleep! Typical. But I was so relieved it was over and I know I wont need another one for at least 6 months now.
Today has been tiring, I have had the wierdest stomach ever and my face feels like a radiator but onwards and upwards for the next few weeks... i HOPE!

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