Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fat fingers... how it all started

Seems like years ago when I first noticed my fingers slightly resembled sausages overnight. I remember thinking to myself did i get into a fight with a fridge at the weekend after a few too many vinos? Well obviously I was a 22 year old living life to the full working and partying hard so it didnt seem too far fetched I had injured my hand and forgot about it! It took quite a few weeks before I decided to go and visit my doc as I started to feel like all the hard work and partying I had been doing had taken its toll. It didnt cross mine or my doctors mind that it was anything sinister just that I was feeling a bit low and I should take it easy for a while. I was really looking forward to a holiday me and one of my best friends had booked to Egypt. We always had such a laugh together and I thought that would take my mind off things and we could relax (with some cocktails on our all inclusive deal of course!) Boy was I wrong!
When I stepped off the plain into this beautiful, boiling country it was not a sense of relaxation I felt. Far from it infact. I was in complete and utter agony. I felt like I had literally taken a sledge hammer to the feet, knees, hands, elbows and back. (Not a great feeling when you have just arrived in a foreign country as you can imagine!) But for the sake of my friend i popped a few painkillers and sucked it up. Trying my best over the week to overcome the unbearable agony i was in (with not a clue as to why i felt like that) I struggled on and tried to fake a smile but my friend, bless her, could see I was not right.
After the nightmare of being away from home and feeling pretty much like I wanted to ride home on the wing of the plane, I got back to my house and made an appointment to see the old doc again. Within a couple of weeks I had my diagnosis. Rheumatoid Arthritis.... "I'm sorry I thought you said arthritis?" I said to the doc, "Thats right" he confirmed.
Forgive me for being potentially politically incorrect but I thought only old people got arthritis?! People that had long, full lives packed with activity like walking up big hills with their grandkids! Not a 22 year old girl just starting out in life. Confused and shocked I walked away from the doctors trying to decide what impact this diagnosis would have on my life. Little did I know then it was to knock a giant asteroid sized hole into the next few years....


  1. As you're learning, RA provides quite the unsought education in navigating the medical field! I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hang in there, though. Things get better.

  2. Yours is a devastating story to read like many I have read about RA. It's especially difficult to read about young people affected. Not fair at all.
    Strangely I came across this page by searching rheumatoid arthritis sausage as my fingers are gradually starting to resemble items ready to meet up with a couple of bacon rashers.
    Have read a number of your posts and you write with quite a talent.
    Hope you have many more good days than bad in the future.