Sunday, 23 May 2010

There's nothing more tiring than... doing nothing

The past few weeks have been pretty slow. Every day I wake up hoping I will miraculously feel better... obviously it hasn't happened yet. Since my treatment I have noticed the tiredness is overwhelming sometimes. Ill be out with my friends having dinner and ill suddenly feel the need to have a nap in my dinner, (hasn't happened yet but close to it!). I have to get up and go home for a lie down as I havent got to grips with how to control it. It's funny, the more I do the more tired I am and the less I do the more tired I am... work that one out. I am trying my best to get out and about as much as I can and when I feel well enough though. The thing I would love the most is to wake up, have a full day out with friends or something and not feel the need to sleep. I used to take so much for granted, we all do. Its just not possible for me to do that without using all energy and making myself in pain but I am hopefull any day now the meds will sort it all out.
I spoke to my doc about fatigue and got no help whatsoever, what are they employed to do again? It's stupid getting the same answers over and over again but I know many other sufferers feel this frustration too. So the best way to deal with it is to sleep when im tired and do stuff when im not... simple huh! It has however been great the past couple of days as the sun has been shining and bbq's have been on the agenda so everyone else has been "lazing" around just like me!
I have had some bad news though, well I say bad I mean infuriating!, my benefits have been stopped. I receive employment and support allowance for my condition while I cannot work, and believe me as soon as I am able to work I bloody well will!, and the results from a "medical" I had 3 months ago suggested that I was perfectly capable to work.... ermmm WHAT?! More about this next time...

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