Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cocktail Hour

On the eve of my birthday I am feeling quite reflective of the past few years of my life. It’s an amusing coincidence that the current cocktail of pills I take each day equates to the same number of years I will be in age tomorrow. Yes, 24. I can’t help feeling old before my time. Maybe it’s the creaks in my knees or the fact I often envisage myself with a Zimmer frame that I have the opinion I am getting old. You may laugh but the past couple of years have surprisingly, what with the lack of things to do, flew by. I came up with some descriptive words to sum up the past five years of my life:
19 = Ambitious
20 = Happy
21 = Drunk
22 = Devastated
23 = Defeated
It shows clearly how my mood has changed. But now I am (very nearly) 24, I would describe myself as Optimistic. I have gotten over the devastation and defeat the past couple of years have thrown at me and I look to a brighter future, even if I am nearing a quarter of a century whilst being unemployed and living with my parents. It’s not really that bad is it? I still have time to turn things around and I am positive this time next year I will still be on the road to recovery but with some life experience, a fabulous job and home and a God like boyfriend under my belt. (Its not asking for too much is it?) So, here’s’ to me at cocktail hour. Happy twenty fourth, Rheuma Girl.


  1. happy birthday my gorgous amazing friend! u are one of the strongest people i no and i am so dam proud of u and to call u one of my girls love u sweetie mwa xxxxxx

  2. I really like your blog & am proud of your maturity at such a young age. With your permission, I would love to link to your blog. I will def be follow!


  3. Thanks for your comments! autoimmunemaven, of course you have persmission to link! I welcome all readers and hope that you enjoy! take care xx

  4. Hope you had a good birthday! I'm glad things are looking up. In honour of your birthday, I've given you a wee award over on my blog, check it out :)

  5. Hello...
    firstly I love your blog & facebook :) hope you had a lovely birthday & that all your wishes come true :)

    I was 32 when diagnosed & feel so sad that you were 10 years younger :(
    You do have to almost grieve the life you wanted or hoped for so you can then accept how you are and carry on in another direction. You sound like you are positive now & that is so important.
    Am following you on FB, well done you for being so proactive!!
    I wish you every success.