Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Are you gunna go my way?

Ever get that feeling that no matter what you do things just never seem to go your way? It’s a very defeatist way of looking at things I know but I every so often have those days where everything is a chore. Just when you think things are looking up the smallest of things can happen to put a downer on the situation. I have trained myself to thinking positively in these situations that unfortunately its just life. Roll with it and you will come out the other side where things are a bit better.
I’m not necessarily just talking about living with RA, there are plenty of ups and downs there for instance when your feeling well, out of the blue a letter comes to tell you that your benefits are being looked at again or you need proof of your condition for something or other… why cant you just enjoy being well for a little while? I am talking about the itty bitty things that make your life that little bit more difficult. Like today, for example, I was feeling well and helping my dad out with something which meant driving a little bit more than I am used to. I was excited as it gave me chance to stretch my cars “legs” as I haven’t had much use out of it being unwell for so long.
All was going well on my little country drive when out of nowhere an asteroid hits my window screen (now when I say asteroid I mean stone). It left the smallest of cracks in the glass, and although it was a nuisance, I continued to drive. The crack got bigger and bigger until it stretched across a quarter of my screen. Bloomin’ marvellous. The first time I try to get out and about a bit further I hit an obstacle. Now I have to have the whole window screen replaced, great.
When you think about it, it’s kinda funny. It’s almost like I am meant to just stay in doors and be pursued by bad luck. However, I’ve already had my share of the bad kind of luck so I am used to it cropping up when you least expect it. I simply pick myself back up, dust myself off and laugh in the face of badness. Laugh it off. It happens. But there is always someone worse off than you right?

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  1. Don't ya just hate that? When those sneaky pesty little self defeating thoughts crawl up and bite you in the *ss. I think we all have moments, hours or days like that. I know I do for sure. They especially seem to happen when everyone else seems to be having a great go of a day or week. Always seem to be alone when they happen. UGH!! Chin up. Sorry to hear of your window. Tazzy