Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Benefits... benefitting who exactly?

As I briefly mentioned in my last post my employment and support allowance was recently suspended (for those of you who dont know, ESA is for people who cant work due to medical conditions). The anger is overwhelming! My medical report stated I can do things I cant even on a good day. Believe me i would love to bend to the ground from standing or carry heavy bags (would make shopping easier!) but I cant! So where do you get off saying I can do these things without difficulty when most days at present I cant even get out of bed? mmmm? Of course my doctor and specialists have fully supported my appeal. I think its truly disgusting that people like me are deprived from receieving what is actually a measly £50 a week to live off. That is the little luxuary and independance I have left. I know there are hundreds of people out there who know how to swindle the benefits system in this country and they get away with it. Hundreds of pounds when there is NOTHING wrong with them. Yet when you really need help, you have to go through the ridiculous and degrading process, laying bare your very soul almost to get a lousy £50!!!!
I have literally filled out loads of paperwork, had to get medical notes and letters to support my story, been prodded and poked at a medical exam and also ran a ridiculous phone bill calling the idiots to then be told im not quite "ill" enough. Tell me then, what needs to happen to me to qualify for this pocket money? Because being disabled, in constant agony, and on 25 tablets a day obviously isnt enough. Its a joke. If anyone else is having these problems please let me know. The thing that annoys me the most is that I would rather be out at work earning my own money with a career at the age of 23 than essentially begging for money from the government. Swines.


  1. I know just how you feel. I have applied for diability and denied twice. My condition is as yours, most days unable to even get myself to the bathroom. But I hear of other people who were accepted and almost mocking it, how they didn't "have to work...and were going to the club with their girls"... ect. Dancing? Really?Its sick.

  2. Hey, so sorry to hear about that. I haven't gone down that route yet but your story doesn't surprise me, this country's benefits system is messed up and the fakers get everything. If you're honest you get trampled on. It's just not fair, is it. :( I really hope you win the appeal.

  3. thanks for your comments guys and aeharrell, i totally agree. it really isnt fair on those who really need it for people to rub in in your face. im sure if you are anything like me you would be glad to be working and not living off pittence! but the best advice i can give you is dont take no for an answer, i certainly havent. keep trying, although its ridiculous you deserve it!