Wednesday, 9 June 2010

disease.... great for weight loss apparently

I am sad to say I have had another pretty pants week. After some bloods came back abnormal and my disease activity hit the roof last week, I was admitted to hospital. Boy I love hospitals! The idea is that I could be examined, my medication would be reviewed and I could generally get some bed rest and recoup. However, when I was admitted the specialist detected another problem.
Now, I have never been a particularly "large" girl, i've gained and lost a few bits of timber over the years especially through uni (when drinking every day was a social requirement). But since I was diagnosed I guess I have noticed my few curves disappear. Not so much instantly, but over time as the tiredness, pain and medication nausea took over (your appetite tends to decrease). I know its a different story for some people, they say you can gain weight by not doing very much in terms of exercise but it has been the oppostite for me. For women, weight is a massive issue in general but when you have so much other stuff going on its the last thing you tend to think about.
It turns out that over the past year I have lost just over 3 stone. woo hoo some may think, but with that weight I have lost muscle, energy and strength and I want it back! The specialist at the hospital referred me to a dietician for "disease related malnutrition". This was slightly scary as I didnt really know what to expect but its quite simple really... My body has put all the energy from the food I eat into fighting my disease and has had no reserves left to keep a healthy weight. This means I need an extra intake of calories, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. "Great! More doughnuts!" I thought, but sadly this isnt the case. I have now been put on some special drinks that contain all the extra nutrients my body needs. Frankly, they taste like crap and I have to drink 2 a day along with 4 shots of concentrated solution that I can only describe as like drinking shampoo.
I know it will be good for me but I cant help thinking, god where will the problems end! A week later and I am out of hospital. They have managed to get my situation under control with steroids, conversion of tablet methotrexate into injection form and of course the dreaded drinks. I must say i am feeling much brighter and hope to continue despite the fact that I am exhausted from lack of sleep. Not sure about you but I can never sleep in hospitals... especially when cleaners are hoovering round your bed at 6.30am! (No joke). But I am back in my own bed now and glad to be home. things are looking up and im feeling a lot more positive... for now.

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