Wednesday, 21 December 2011

In Loving Memory

I received some very sad and shocking news late last week. An old friend and work colleague of mine sadly passed away after battling with breast cancer. She was so very young and left behind a beautiful 14 year old daughter. I struggle to make sense of the world when something like this happens. It reminds me just how short and precious life is and how it can end at any moment for any one of us. At this awful time, right before Christmas when everyone is celebrating, I can’t imagine what her poor family must be going through. When I needed a friend most after my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, it was Lisa who was there for me. She listened to my worries and fears as we worked together and was often a shoulder to cry on. So how unfortunate that just 5 years later she should suffer the same fate and not win her battle as my mum did. I will never forget her kindness and strength, she was one of the loveliest people I have ever known and I write this in tribute to her and her family. I admit we haven’t had much contact since I left my job where she worked, but only recently when I found out about her illness I contacted her and expressed my deepest sympathy and get well wishes. At that time she was doing well, and I thought she would recover and what makes me even more sad is that she expressed her sadness at hearing I have been unwell too. I do wish that I had told her then how much I admired her and what a kind person she was to me, but I never thought for a minute Lisa wouldn’t be around anymore.
I know it’s a sombre subject but this weekend I have really been focussing on what I want out of life because who knows what is around the corner. We always take things for granted and just assume we will pass on old and grey years and years from now but as the story of my friend shows, we must appreciate life now and make the most of time with our loved ones. That is what I will be doing this Christmas, Appreciating how lucky I am to be around my family and friends. They mean the world to me and I intend to make sure they know it. I know we forget to appreciate things sometimes when we are feeling low and in pain but if you can, just remember life is far too short. I don’t mean you should rush your life and do everything right now, that would be silly, but I am now thinking about what the next few years can bring at least and what I want to achieve. I want to make sure I leave this world having all my boxes ticked (so to speak). Having children is next on the agenda and building a life for my family (except buying a house with no money may prove difficult). Anyways let’s leave on a happy note....
I wish all my readers the most wonderful Christmas. Enjoy every second of it and try to put aside your pain, even for a day, for your sake and the sake of your loved ones (who I am sure will hate to see you suffer this time of year). Remember those less fortunate than you and appreciate every smile, laugh and word shared between you and your family this year. Remember how lucky we are to have even one good day and enjoy all the good things that come with it.
Dear Lisa, rest in peace beautiful angel. Lots of love and support to your family. I will always remember you.

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  1. We lost my brother a year ago yesterday to cancer. He was only 31. You are right – life is too short. My deepest sympathies to you and her family.