Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cold Sore Christmas

Oh what a beautiful face I must have right now. Currently trying out the Rudolph look with my bright red nose, due to constant blowing my brains out, and my eyes are nice and sunken in my head due to lack of sleep. To top it off I have received a fabulous Christmas present, one I’ve never ever had before... a delightful viral infection in the form of a shiny cold sore on my lip. Get me... I am on fire this Christmas.
The cold sore is getting me down, but that’s the reason it appeared most likely in the first place I am told. You can get them when run down, or it could be connected to the huge and overwhelming cold I have had this week. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this rough in a long time. I thought I might escape the dreaded cold virus this year as I have done pretty well in preparation (eating well, wrapping up warm etc) but I suppose having treatment that wipes out your immune system can really leave you open to anything. The cold has inevitably caused a bit of a flare up, but it’s manageable (with plenty of pain relief as always) so it’s not all bad.
I suppose the sacrifices I make to further my business, by standing out in the cold on a market stall for 12 hours with crippling arthritis can only lead to consequences. I decided to do the Christmas markets, with the help of my amazing sister by my side, to try and make a bit of extra money for the festive period and also to get in a festive mood I suppose. I forgot how hard working a full day is, I mean it’s not like I do it all the time. It really took it out of me, I am left exhausted and full of cold and with a nice addition to my face which means Christmas kisses are out of the question for me. Was it worth it though? Well in some ways yes, because it’s nice to get out and working, talking to people and of course promoting the business. But in other ways no, I unfortunately didn’t make my first million from a market stall (obvious really) so the long day and all the prep that went into it didn’t pay off as such in cash form. But I did enjoy spending time with my sister, being amongst the festive cheer of the public doped up on mulled wine and mince pies and it was almost like I had work colleagues again in the form of the other traders.
I know I am still experimenting with my capabilities and the limits of my condition. Sometimes I am not sure how far to push myself and its only clear I’ve gone too far the next day when I am all bent out of shape in pain. But we live and learn and I am definitely still learning. I think pain is much more manageable when it is for a reason. Before, when I was pretty much bed bound, I got so frustrated with the level of pain even though I wasn’t doing anything! So the fact I have achieved something before pain follows is so much better.
This Christmas I will be in recovery mode, making the most out of the family sofa, plentiful food and company. I will be dodging the cameras of friends and family best I can (I don’t wish to remember the addition to my face this Christmas... close ups are not an option thank you).
It’s Christmas Eve and I am definitely feeling joyful and thankful for everything I have, apart from the cold sore. I wish all my readers a very, very, merry Christmas and I hope it is pain (and cold sore) free for all of you even for a day so you can enjoy the time with your loved ones. I will be thinking of you all and hope that Santa brings you everything you dreamt of.
Merry Christmas x

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