Monday, 6 September 2010

Last week a DJ saved my life

For so long I have struggled to grasp a sense of normality in my life. Things have been far from normal since my diagnosis now 18 months ago. Giving up things you enjoy is a massive downer, but part and parcel of having a disease that affects your immune system. I mentioned previously about having to stay off the alcohol, but other things I have had to consider are limiting my exercise to not put unnecessary pressure on my joints, getting enough sleep as late nights make me feel under the weather for days and generally dialling down the enjoyment (as any sort of fun leaves me exhausted). What a fulfilling life I must lead…
So as part of my campaign to do as much as I can whilst I am currently on a good (almost pain free) run, I jumped at the chance to join a group of friends of mine on a five day trip to the party capital of the world, Ibiza. Some of you may think I am crazy to be taking part in such a trip but I know my limits and capabilities and was determined to not miss out on yet another fun filled week.
It’s fair to say the week wasn’t without its disease related downers. I experienced fat leg syndrome (where my whole left leg swelled to the size of Brazil), sore feet and ankles (dancing the night away can have this affect on arthritis sufferers) and I have returned home with a stinking cold and exhaustion. But, hey, I’m not dead right? I survived the trip in one piece, proving those of us with arthritis CAN have a good time and CAN get down with the best of them. Five days of little sleep and lots of dancing really has taken its toll on me, but I would do it all over again. It was so important for me not to miss out. I get sick of not being able to do things. So what if I have to sleep for a week to recover? It is all worth it when I remember being stood on the dance floor in the middle of super club Amnesia, looking around at everyone, thinking I am just like you. (Well maybe a bit more sober than you, but near enough).


  1. Thats the way live life while you can : )
    I have the same disease as you and there where times that i could go out and dance till the next day and drink loads but since I feel 4 metters and smashed my anlke in to 3 peciese I cant evan dance and its been maybe 2 and a half years.
    so well done and do it while you can xx

  2. You were a true leg-end last week! A real party animal! Nice work. just one (or two) word(s)... excusebeef! :-) x