Thursday, 17 November 2011


So tomorrow is the second half of this round of Rituximab treatment. Not exactly like waiting for xmas but I am looking forward to getting it over with. I haven’t felt the best this time round with side effects and fatigue getting in the way of normal life the past couple of weeks. I can only hope it’s not as severe after tomorrow’s infusion. I am not looking forward to suffering of any kind for the next few weeks because I have too much to do. With xmas coming up, work and social events are piling in and it would be great to actually be able to cope with it.
The wrist isn’t getting any better, neither is my sleep to be honest but I suppose I am just used to being knackered and in pain constantly. My mood is low, so are my energy levels. I am currently sponsored by Red Bull, which doesn’t really make a bit of difference. Caffeine rarely helps the situation anyway when its fatigue you are suffering with. I just want to be able to enjoy myself at the moment, smile and really mean it.
I have been keeping up appearances and putting on a brave face but there is only so much of that I can do, as you probably know yourselves. However, as usual my family and my man have rallied round in support and have made things easier but you know me... I hate to rely on others all the time.
I think I could literally sleep for a week. Maybe us RA’ers should be able to hibernate for the winter? Although we would probably awake in the spring as stiff as a board and it would take until the next winter to straighten things out so maybe it’s not such a great idea. Or maybe RA could hibernate for the winter? Sounds like a dream.
In the mean time, I am ‘wrapping up warm’ and getting as much rest as possible, wise words from my Granddad (he’s the best). After a bout of man flu in the house, my poor fella has been suffering for 2 weeks now, I am surprised I am only just starting to see the signs it has clawed its way into my head. Waking up with a head full of crap, achy and generally looking like road kill seem to be the symptoms so far. I just hope it won’t put the nurses off treating me tomorrow; I’d rather not have to wait longer for Rituxumab. Drugs of choice this week are therefore Lemsip, plenty of painkillers and an abundance of caffeine. It’s no pick and mix but gets me through the day I suppose. Here’s to a weekend of wrapping up warm.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I hate the winter, my joints always get so much worse! My fatigue is just awful lately. That'd be so awesome if RA would hibernate for the winter - although, it might be a bitch when it come back. Ugh. Hope things go smoothly for you. Stay warm, and hopefully pain-free. Also hope the Rituximab works well. I've taken that in the past!

    Mallory, JRA blogger xo
    So glad you're doing so well with Arthritis Introspective! Thanks for contributing to the RA commiunity. So sorry you had to stop your medicaitons. I just recently met a women who has used all natural, homeopathy ways to treat her RA for years and has worked wonders. If you'd like, I can give you her contact information and maybe she can help you out? Good luck!

    -Mallory xo