Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mexican Adventure

 Have you missed me? I returned this week from my trip to Mexico with great memories and a great tan! I was a little concerned about the long flight, not having flown that long before since being diagnosed with arthritis. Our adventure was delayed slightly with the flight being put back two hours so I was getting rather uncomfortable at the airport. However, I did have wheelchair assistance to the gate which helped allot (it's amazing how far you have to walk through an airport to actually get near the plane).
After a very long day travelling, and extreme discomfort in the respect I just couldn’t get comfy, we arrived at our beautiful resort in the evening. I was feeling incredibly tired after 11 and a half hours flying and then a two hour transfer but so excited to be in a warm climate and begin our adventure.
I always wondered what people were going on about when they mentioned jet lag. I honestly couldn’t see why a flight would affect you so much but it hit me the day after we arrived. I was so tired I actually felt sick, I was aching and felt confused with drowsiness! The lazy day by the pool was just what I needed, however the cocktail at 11am didn’t really help.
I found it so frustrating that I couldn’t drink much whilst I was away. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed some tequila and cocktails but rather than having the high that comes from alcohol I just seem to get drowsy and tired now. I struggled to keep up with the boy, being on holiday of course you want to let go, get out and have a good time but I just didn’t have the energy and was shattered by 9pm most nights! He understood though and took it easy on me and we relaxed as much as possible.
We saw some absolutely amazing sights. I witnessed dolphins swimming in the wild, huge turtles in the lagoon, went on a safari in a nature reserve, lay on secluded beaches and learnt about Mayan culture at some temple ruins. I was really impressed with the country and it felt like we were in paradise. I ate and drank as much as I wanted at our all inclusive resort; however this played havoc on my tummy. I was quite poorly for a week of our trip with a bad stomach but I think I am just really sensitive to any food that’s not what I normally eat. The combination of the food and the heat and jet lag made me quite nauseas at times but I just battled through it and went on to have a fantastic time.
Perhaps the best part of the trip was realising that I could do it. That I could travel that far and be ok. And more importantly, that I could enjoy myself in spite of feeling less than 100%. I don’t believe the heat necessarily helped me as much as they say warm climates help arthritis. I think the flight created stiffness and pain which lasted most of the holiday. I hated having to wear splints and knee supports by the pool so I often managed without them.
Now I am home, I can dream of other places I might travel to, and know I can and will get there (eventually). In the meantime, my very exciting business project is calling for some attention (once I get over this jet lag and my knees settle down). So here’s hoping for plenty more excitement and adventure in 2011.


  1. Hi Rheuma Girl - i read your article in arthritis news just before you went to Mexico - you remind me of me when i was your age! I got arthritis when i was 19 - i'm 48 now, but still young at heart! I'm so glad you had a good time aboroad and overcame any problems you encountered to make the most of your experience!

  2. Glad to hear you weathered the trip and was able to enjoy yourself, also that your friend was understanding and supportive (sounds like a keeper).