Monday, 31 January 2011

Where Would I Be Without You?

My Mum is the best friend you could ever have. I have no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Throughout my life she has always been there for me. Her only wish in life was to have a family and she has a great one at that (if I say so myself). Seriously though, she has brought me up to face problems head on and her strength has encouraged me to make the most of life. Support for someone living with RA is vital and I could not do this without her.
I remember when I first became ill and she was devastated. Everyone wants to have a healthy child who can live a normal life and it must have been a massive blow to her aswell as me when I was diagnosed. But her support and encouragement not to give up has got me through my darkest hours. I am grateful I always had a place to call home, no matter what situation I was in. Knowing that someone is always there is a wonderful thought. She is not there to simply pick up the pieces when things go wrong but to celebrate when things go right.
It’s her birthday this week and it’s got me thinking about how I could have coped without her. The simple answer is, I couldn’t. She was the one who pulled me from my bed when I hit my all time low (not literally but you know what I mean). If she hadn’t have told me to pull myself together I’d probably still be in my bed now dwelling on everything. I am so thankful that she dragged me out of my state of self pity (not that I was happy about it at the time, I would have been happy to continue in self pity and loathing of my life). I hope she knows how much I appreciate her. I also hope you are lucky enough to have a Mum like mine because life would be really crap without her. If it’s not your Mum maybe there is someone else in your life to inspire you. Having someone to look up to is vital. They show you the way without having to lead you there and make sure you know you are not alone. I have never felt alone through this because of her.
I want those of you who are suffering to remember to thank the person who makes you breakfast on a bad day, carries you when your ankles are fat and washes your hair when you can’t lift a shampoo bottle. My Mum is a great help in my daily life. She helps me make my bed (which is kind of embarrassing at the age of 24 but try putting a duvet cover on when you can’t lift your arms). She makes me dinner when I haven’t the will to eat (shed be the first to admit her cooking hasn’t always been great but has got better over the years!) But most of all, she took me in when I fell apart and I had nowhere else to go. So this is to you, Mum, Happy Birthday and thank you for all you have ever done for me.


  1. I to have a Mummy like yours, I am very thankful for all that she does for me, though sometimes I may not show it so well. I am also very fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive family and circle of friends which helps make "those" days a little easier. Cushla

  2. im having such a hard time coping with RA. reading this made me cry even more as i miss my family so much and specially mum.. im here without anyone around me, everyone is abroad im just counting the days when i can find my peace. reading this blog gives me hope... kxx